Quite the attention addict.

POLLY. Wants Crack
This little understood, feathered friend,
just wants crack.
What started with a stupid joke, ended up in a few months of blood, sweat, Michael Jackson and tears, but worth every minute of it!
A short film about the real issue of drug usage in domestic Parrots , we must act if we want to avoid future Parrot generations to deviate from their natural talents. Enjoy our first short animation movie.​​​​​​​
For this project VoxelWolves teamed up with a bunch of talent. Big big thanks to ismilealot for the great concepts, to Sebastiao Lopes for the awesome rigs, animations and MJ moments and last but not least to Box of Toys Audio for the amazing audio design!
Concept. Character Development
Concept. Storyboard
Concept. Graphic Tryouts
3D. Character Design
3D. Rigging
2D. Motion Design
Written & Directed: VOXELWOLVES
Storyboard: Arjen van der Wal
Concept Art: Nguyen Anh Duc aka ismilealot
Compositing & Grading: Arjen van der Wal

Lead: Rafael Vicente
Rigging & Animation: Sebastião Lopes
Intern: Léonie Clément

Box of toys Audio aka BXFTYS
Narrated by Ben Laver
Chris Didlick as Polly & Sailor
Special thanks
David Mourato
Joana Correia
Patrícia Vieira
Tom Coulling

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