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Welcome to our little hideout.

Welcome to our little hideout. Our studio - The Den - is overlooking Lisbon’s untouched, yet prolifically upcoming harbour area of Marvila. This cosy cabin is where Wolves go to outlet their creative mania.
The workshop in which we sculpt and craft compositions to hit the broadband.
What's your problem?! You look like an interesting case.
Having problems? The Wolves are not afraid to dig their teeth into the meat and bones of a challenging project. Whether you have a request for a complete spot, need specific resources for your own project or just want to drink all our coffee again, you can drop us a line. We’re making sure to leave you with the desired result.
Hungry for Talent.
We are always on the hunt for talented artists, hungry wolves that could support us on a project base. If this appeal to you then don’t hesitate to send us a mail with your reel and/or portfolio.
Get in touch - we may howl, but we don't bite!
thank you for reaching out to us.
Visit the Den.

VAT/ NIPC 514076445

Rua de Xabregas 2, 4.26
1900-440 Lisboa


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